Sunday, December 30, 2012

Heron Stalking

I have a tripod set up in my living room right now.

For years a Great Blue Heron has swooped through the Hollow, never getting close or staying visible long enough for me to swing my camera up and focus.

But for some reason, one is now gracing us with his presence almost every day, choosing to nap right outside the back door. 
Well, sort of...  

In these photos, he's resting at the top of some trees, but since our house is built into a hill, it's in line with my French doors.

And my camera.

Thank you, Mr. Heron!

P.S. Please pray for my dad who was taken to the hospital this afternoon with another suspected stroke. They ran some tests and admitted him, but I'm merely at the mercy of texted updates since I'm not there, so I'm not sure what his status is at this time. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers for my sweet Daddy! He would love to see this heron in person!


  1. Your Dad is in my thoughts and prayers.

    Beautiful shots of the heron! We finally put out some feed and I managed to get a squirrel, but I can't shoot from the house, I have solar screens. It's hard to open the door without scaring things off.

  2. So sorry to hear about your Dad.

    These shots are awesome!

  3. Your Dad is in my thoughts and prayers.

    And you will not be alone.

  4. i'm grateful for the gift of this heron
    dropping in close for you to watch and wonder
    over the unexpected beauty that finds you
    even in scary times when life feels uncertain
    ....always, always there is love wrapping you
    in comfort and peace
    and I'm glad the heron reminded you:)
    prayers sent for your daddy and all your loves.
    huge grace for the journey, friend,

  5. Your heron is lovely - but thoughts and prayers for your Dad!!
    Such a difficult time for you and your family!

  6. congrats on the heron shots! looks like he might be scoping out his nesting site!

    i hope your dad will be okay... i know you are worried.

  7. Beautiful heron shots! Great idea to have your tripod and camera ready at the door; I do the same thing at my house. :)

    So sorry to hear about your dad. Lifting him up in prayer. :(

  8. Sending you best wishes and thoughts for your dad Barbara!
    Big hugs!
    xo Catherine

  9. so sorry to hear about your dad. sending you and your family good wishes.

  10. How cool to have that heron just outside your door!

    I hope your dad is improving!

  11. Oh Barabara prayers to your sweet Daddy. HUG.B

    These are incredible shots. Wow what a gift from a Heron. Happy New year. B

  12. Oh I put to many a's in your name Barbara. Hug B

  13. wishing your dad well ... and sending you some hugs .. keep strong ...

  14. Hope the heron was bringing good health for your dad -- big hugs dear!

  15. Oh wow. Just look at these great shots of a Great Blue. So cool!

    Sending healing thoughts to your dad and family.

  16. Such beautiful creatures! I just now read about your Dad. I hope all is well, now!! Sending prayers and hugs.

  17. So sorry to hear this about your Dad. I shall indeed keep him in my best thoughts. That heron knows an appreciative set of eyes, for sure.


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