Friday, November 11, 2011

A Tomball Stroll (My kind of weekend)

Last weekend I visited Tomball, Texas for the first time.
I lived within an hour or so of this charming little town for the first 35 years of my life, but never ventured off the interstate that runs nearby, so I never realized the treasure to be found in the old town.

Interstates should be banned. 

The Mystery of the Old Safe.
(Isn't that a Nancy Drew title?)

This old safe is just sitting in a used car parking lot.
Tom and I really wanted to take it home.

Look at the detail!

Knowing we couldn't take the safe, I turned my attention to this old trunk. 
I've always wanted one of these.
Can't you just imagine all the stories this one has to tell?

But let's face it. I'm broke and what the heck would I do with it?

This table on the other hand....
Are you old enough to recognize the surface pattern?
I've never seen one with such a beautiful base though.

Alas, I left it behind, too.

You know where I'll be in 2032.

This cutie was just chillin' in one of the stores we explored.

One store was full of Texas Ranger artifacts... 

I couldn't help wondering why all of these Texas Rangers gave their stuff to the store owner?

Okay, I'm ready to explore the next little town... 


  1. Shortly after we graduated from high school, Bonny's car needed to be fixed and Dad decided to let the dealership in Baytown do it. Instead of having someone go with me down there and bring me back to Baytown when the work was in done, I got Alan Watts's autobiography and took a walking tour of Baytown for about five hours. Discovered the last open, working, single screen movie theatre I ever saw and also a defunct synagogue.
    Galveston's Broadway is also good for a walking tour-shop crawl.

  2. great get away....wonderful always take such interesting photos..just love to see your work! Hope you are having a good long weekend!

  3. Oh my - what a delightful town full of off-beat and lovely treasures. That safe and that trunk - such gorgeous shots and detail!

  4. What a great little town. The statues of the Blues Brothers is awesome. And I do like the sign about housework. It agrees with my philosophy.

    The rusty door photo is superb.

    You found some great things there.

  5. what a cool place! love the detail on the safe, like you said. and that formica table was actually really beautiful with the double rails and balls and all. :)

  6. oh, but jake and elroy stole the show!

  7. Be sure to take us with you again when you do. Love that safe and the trunk. And yes, I sure do remember those table tops.

  8. I plan to memorize that housework sign. Love that! And the bank vault is What a find!! I had to LOL at your comment on where you'll be in 2032. Did you put it on your calendar and set an alarm? That's frickin' awesome!

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  10. Lovely photographs. I really like all those neat details.

  11. Great photographs Barbara, and the "Housework" sign?
    I have one hanging in the kitchen! Now if I could just start paying attention to it!!


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