Friday, December 7, 2012

Leaves and Good Intentions

Daddy's front yard was a blanket of gold and brown pecan tree leaves, so thick not a blade of glass peeked through. 
It called my camera, but it also called a neighbor's rake. 
The rake moved faster. 

Look how many bags he filled!

And there were still plenty more leaves clinging to the tree for dear life!

 I was disappointed I didn't get that leaf-carpet photo, but I was so grateful for that man who stepped up to help Daddy without being asked.

You can bet I didn't procrastinate when I spotted these untouched leaves on the back yard deck a little later...

I noticed this sweetheart watching me and had to snap his photo, too.

Squirrels rarely come onto the deck now that the cats are around, but this one couldn't resist grabbing a pecan.

Do you see the watcher in the yard keeping an eye on that squirrel?

My parents haven't decorated much for Christmas in years, but I noticed this little tree up on a shelf in my grandmother's old bedroom where I sleep at my parents' house and brought it out to add a little Christmas cheer. 

My own tree still sits bare, except for the lights Tom strung on it. 
I intended to decorate Monday before I left for my parents, but I ran out of time. 
I shifted the intentions onto today, but decided to have lunch with a friend instead. Since I was going into town, I ran a few errands while I was there to save gas.
Day gone.

Tomorrow and Sunday are already booked, so those good intentions are just in limbo right now, poor things. 
I'll try to rescue them Monday. 
Wish me luck!

(Am I the only one who hasn't made progress on decorations or cards or baking or gifts?)


  1. no decorating done. no cards sent. no gifts bought. nope. nada. none. :)

    i like your leaf shot, your pretty kitten-cat and your varmint, too. :)

  2. Ditto Tex. Nothing here, either.

    These shots are fantastic! LOVE THE SQUIRREL!

    Poor hubby can't keep up with the leaves falling in the pool. He nets them out and the next day, they're back.

  3. Nothing much done here either, but I don't generally do much anyway. Love the squirrel.:)

  4. Love the tree, leaves, and the squirrel.

    And love that nothing have been done.

    Am I guilty to mention the last one?

    Have a happy weekend.

  5. giggling at the squirrel. they are such funny creatures.

  6. Cute squirrel!! Bet you have fat squirrels around there! I'm with you - start on card tomorrow!

  7. I've actually made pretty good progress this year, but trust me, it's the first time in forever!! Still have lots to do, but will have to wait until exams are over on Wed.

    Love that little one with the pecan in his mouth!

    Wishing you a bright beginning to your week.

  8. not sure what the problem is with me this year but i havent even gotten a photo picked to use on our card

  9. Such pretty pictures, Barbara.. the leaves.. the cat.. the squirrel .. all so sweet. I hope all is going well for your parents.

  10. Beautiful photo journalling. Pleased you ended up with some lovely leaf photos in the end.


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