Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Congratulations and thank you, Airmen!

I was honored to attend the Air Force Boot Camp graduation last weekend of my daughter's boyfriend. It was two days of ceremonies plus leave, then two days of leave.
A lot of time to be away from home and my business, but who knows when they'll see each other again?

The actual Graduation Day fell on September 11.

It was a reminder that there are a lot of people working hard to ensure the freedoms we enjoy and take for granted every day. 

And for some reason, every day more young men and women sign up to do it, even though they don't get paid much, they are ordered around, and have to pay for things they are required to have. 

Most of us would raise hell if that happened in our jobs. 

They just feel it's an honor to serve.

Very humbling.

All I can offer are photos. 

The drummers caught my eye, of course.

These two young men fulfilled their requirements to become United States citizens while also performing the challenges of boot camp. 
They were sworn in during the ceremonies of the first day. 
A wonderful thing to witness!

Each new airman was awarded a coin to commemorate the end of boot camp. 

After the ceremony, the airmen had to remain standing at attention until they were tapped out by a friend or family member. 

On the second day, they donned their blues and hit the parade ground for the graduation ceremony. 

It is often a life of separation from loved ones, for loved ones. 
Kisses and hugs aren't taken for granted. 

My prayers and gratitude go with them all!


  1. You captured some beautiful and touching moments and scenes, Barbara. These dedicated men and women do a heart proud.

  2. thank you for sharing American pride. we need more these days. young love, too. :)


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