Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Challenges of a New Year...

As if the new year isn't bringing enough challenges my way, 
I've decided to join 


with a few Flickr friends I met while participating in past challenges.

(Pssst... Are you on Flickr? Would you like to join us on Weekly Postcards?
Let me know and I'll send you an invitation!)

(Pssst #2...I just discovered my friend Jill at She Who Carries Camera is doing her own 52 photo challenge with word prompts she came up with. If you need ideas, check out her list HERE.)

I'm telling myself the challenges will help me pay closer attention to my photography and help me grow and learn...
...and I think it will.

But I also think it might just be escapism.


At any rate, here we are on Week 1/Day 2, and I'm not even behind yet!

Max times 2

Faded Beauty

And this is just an extra one from New Year's Eve...

My word for 2013 is FAITH.
Did a word choose you?


  1. I'm impressed! I can see myself getting behind with this one right at the start. I can't even make myself post daily to my own blog. Never have been able to do that.

    Good luck! I already know the photos will be great, they always are.

  2. Great shots - love that first one in particular!

  3. that's beautiful, barbara. faith and hope, please.

  4. Just joined Weekly Postcard! My word is "try" as you probably already saw. Thanks for mentioning me, now let's see if we can both keep it going! Game on!

  5. Barbara! Have you lost it woman? lol You must like to stay busy. I wish I could join you, but I can barely keep up with blogs. Besides, I just started sessions with my very own spiritual director. She's a nun and my dad's first cousin. As you know, Peace is my word, and I'm looking forward to getting some. :)

  6. Terrific shot of a dog+reflection; I really like that one, the moodiness of it. I think photo challenges are a good idea, a way of structuring your photography and learning as you go. Very cool.

  7. i think my word will be attention .. as in paying attention so that my recent dental debacle doesn't ever happen again

  8. What fun challenges. I know you'll come up with brilliant pictures!

  9. There no harm in needing a little bit of escapism now and then. I hope you have fun with it. That last shot woos me!

  10. Hello Barbara, this is my first time visiting your blog and I love it! It would be really nice if I could participate in Weekly Postcards as I love taking pictures - they might be pitiful but I enjoy totting my camera around!
    my email address is craftysarita(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Thanks in advance and warm greetings from Mexico!


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