Friday, December 28, 2012

Black Birds

For Christmas, 
I was given the sight of red-winged blackbirds once again fluttering around my Daddy's backyard bird feeder...

...and grackles enjoying the bird bath.

I wonder what they keep looking at up there in the pecan trees?

For Christmas, the black birds received a sleepy cat, 
dozing on the deck, 
oblivious to the parties going on around him.

I hope some of your Christmas wishes have come true as well!


  1. love the snoozing kitty. :)

    yup, the blackbird flocks are showing up here, too. time to stock up on winter seed...

  2. What a special Christmas gift. I miss the RWBB; I don't see them often around here.

  3. I don't think I've ever seen a red-winged black bird. That's cool! My vision is getting so bad, I'm not sure what I'm seeing anymore. Hubby saw a large woodpecker yesterday and hollered at me to come look, but it flew off and I missed it! We hardly ever see those, either.

  4. Oh lucky you. I miss them.. they won't be back this way until March or so.. when they announce the arrival of spring. I love their brrrreeeeeeeet!

  5. The kitty is sleeping in the wrong place!! Would get more action under the bird feeder!!

  6. Wauw Barbara, what beautiful birds and images. Never seen a redwinged blackbird. And certainly never seen or even heard of a grackle. They look graceful but they also look like they can be a bit of a pest?? And BEAUTIFUL kitty :-) I love nature shots of cats, gorgeous.
    Hugs from Greece,

  7. I am thinking those black birds were lucky kitty was sleeping! LOL!

    Wishing you a wonderful 20123 Barbara!
    xo Catherine


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