Saturday, December 15, 2012

Back to Georgetown

 A small town square decked out for Christmas + lots of friends + my camera =
my idea of fun!

For some reason, taking photos of things I love is almost as good as buying them. 

And much cheaper!

For instance, I'm a sucker for children's chairs, like the one above and especially, the one below. 

There's just something about these little festive painted chairs... 
...but I already have two, 
so I was satisfied with a photo of this one.
(Especially after seeing the price tag!)

When I was small, we had an aluminum tree.
I didn't like it, and longed for a real tree.

So why do I love these now?

I'm Texan, but this purse is plain creepy!

This photo below turned out a little blurry, but I decided I really like it and had lots of fun playing with it.

I love old glass ornaments, but my tree is over-saturated as it is.

I took this one for my friend Mary Kay. 
She loves buttons and making things. 
(And I have lots of wine corks!)

I tried to take different photos this time, but I just can't resist a repeat of this metal stairway.

Sculptures dot the square.  
Here are just a couple.

This little girl posed for me on the turtle. 

I have one of me trying to imitate it, but you're not going to see that one.
You'd have nightmares.

But I'll share this one of all of us. 

I love good wine, but good friends are priceless!

P.S. I did buy something.
This square picnic basket was just $3!!!


  1. Love your photos (as usual) always excellent!
    Especially the two chairs --- I have four chairs I'm planning on painting. And the steps!! A work of metal art!! AND, the turtle!! Fun!

  2. Barbara,

    thanks for taking me along on your fun non-shopping trip. Well, you did buy that pretty basket. Maybe thinking of going on a picnic?
    I love the metal stair case!

  3. Lots of fun photos here, Barbara. I love that staircase, and I might just have to see that hidden photo of you and turtle, one day. ;)

  4. My Son's girlfriend is from Georgetown and they go up there all the time. Her family still lives there.

  5. What a fabulous series of shots! Love that metal staircase.

  6. you had such a good time ... and that photo of you with your friends .. fabulous!


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