Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meet the Cedar Waxwing

I noticed them hanging about, 
high in the bare branches of the willow by the pond.  
Ordinary black birds, I thought, 

Nothing special about them, 
except for the way they swooshed in magnificent synchronized flight, 
circling up the Hollow, back again, 
twirling in Figure 8 formation 
before settling all together back in the tree. 

And then one morning, using my zoom, I snapped some photos.

Turns out they aren't black, and they're far from ordinary.
I think they might be my favorite bird now,
with their black eyeliner and gold-tipped garb.
Let me introduce you to the Cedar Waxwing.
(I love my zoom.)

Do you see that bit of yellow on the tail feathers? Amazing!


  1. You got some beautiful shots. They're wonderful birds. I don't seem them very often around here.. and never in flocks like this. Beautiful!

  2. Wow - what gorgeous golden shots! Lovely.

  3. Beautiful photos of the moon and these birds..really enjoyed you blog about your day away and the sights you saw.. Added myself as one of your followers..
    Have a colorful week!

  4. Bravo, Bravo!! Magnificent! I have never seen one of these beautiful birds in person.

  5. I think you may want to add a facebook button to your blog. I just bookmarked the site, although I had to complete it by hand. Just my $.02 :)

  6. Thanks, everyone! Hope you get the experience of seeing them in person, too (although I've never gotten close enough to see them like this with my naked eye!) Dagmar, thanks for following!

  7. You see, this is why I love photography. It captures things that you ordinarily wouldn't give a second thought about. Your shots are fantastic. Would love to see those birds around here.

  8. LB, I feel the same way - I love that moment when my photos pop up on the computer. There's almost always a surprise or two!

  9. Cedar waxwings are awesome. Nice shots of these birds. The first time I saw one was up in northern Montana. I thought it was a cardinal I'd never seen before. I wouldn't be surprised if they're related somehow.

  10. What precious little ones, and such wonderful photographs of them!

  11. what great shots !
    i love those birds...i think it's the little eye masks they wear that intrigues me the most !!

  12. Thank you! Beth, their masks intrigue me, but also their yellow bellies and tail stripes totally surprised me!

  13. Beautiful, Barbara. The last is stunning, just stunning. Proud songsters indeed!


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