Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Transition (Hello Spring!)

With apologies to those of you still staring out at a snow-dusted world, 
here are the latest scenes from my little neighborhood. 
Maybe they'll warm you up.

Butterflies are finally staying still long enough for a photo op...

Splashes of sunshine, not just drops...

Grapevines sprout leaves...

...even as last season's grapes refuse to give ground ... er, stem.

Splashes of clover, just in time for St. Patrick's Day...

Easter-egg-blue sky and wakeful moon...

I have no idea what these are, but I like them!

Green, waking, stretching, growing...

Oaks are waking up, too...

Sparrows traveling in teams...

And last but not least, the Tufted Titmouse stopping by to say hi...


  1. Sigh, I'm anxiously awaiting such collours. I'll have to just soak your beautiful photos instead. Beauties, one and all!

  2. Oh, you tease! What gorgeous shots of spring... We're still enjoying snow over here!

    I've got one little favour to ask... Do you really need to have Word Verification on? It takes so much longer to leave you a comment when it's on...

  3. Love these photos! So beautiful, Barb! :) We had some warm weather the past couple days, and we're all looking forward to the day we can start seeing some of these things as well!

  4. What a colorful post! Every image offered up another surprising color.

    P.S. I took a very similar photo last week of the moon and blurry tree limbs!

  5. Love your signs of spring montage! I wish we had titmouse (mice?) around here. They are so cute!!

  6. Hi Barbara,
    I just found your blog within focus52 and you work is lovely!. The green shamrocks just look like Spring! will add myself as a follower.

  7. You have lots of lovely reminders of green and springtime!

  8. Thank you! Hope all of you are enjoying bits of color by now! Fi, thanks for the suggestion on the word verification!

  9. What gorgeous glimpses of a beautiful spring!
    I especially love the last one. What a precious little one!!

  10. Thanks, Lisa! He was quite a surprise! Haven't seen another one since then, either. Glad I got him while I could!

  11. snow dusted is right....we got a little bit late yesterday....arrghhhhh

  12. Y'know, until flickr, I'd never heard of a titmouse? LOL! Seriously!
    They are so darn cute!

  13. @Beth, I just can't imagine that it's snowing anywhere! It feels like we skipped spring and went straight to summer here.
    @Jan, I'm not sure when I first heard of a titmouse, but the name stuck with me, even though I had no idea what they looked like, just because it's so funny! They are cute though, aren't they?


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