Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ellinger, Texas

A slow spot on the highway,
halfway mark between Austin and Houston,
home of Hruska's - pitstop extraordinaire.

I took advantage of driving solo on my return trip this week
 to do a bit of exploring beyond the highway.

Look what I found...



...embracing this old red brick building.
I love old red brick.
And honeysuckle.


...facing an old church...

I also love daylilies and old churches.

There was more ... I spotted an old cemetery, some old houses, a few old trucks ... 
but I knew I better hit the highway again.

Next time.
Now I know.


  1. Great finds Barbara! Love the pics! Love the flower photos, but you forget to mention the Buttercups (one of my favorites)! Thanks for sharing these treasures :)

  2. What beautiful treasures! Such gorgeous photos.

  3. Hruska! Can't drive by without stopping for a fresh kolache!
    Glad you took time to "visit" Ellinger with your camera.

  4. Yay! The bluebonnets are back! Can't wait to go out this weekend to shoot some. Yours are GORGEOUS!

  5. I can just imagine you taking the detour and soaking in all that loveliness! Texas apparently has some wonderful fields of wildflowers!

    Now, I'm hungry for a big juicy hamburger!

  6. Oh my gosh...what wonderful photos..I love the blue bonnets..we have a similiar flower in BC...called lovely and spring like these feel for the April 1st!

  7. @Liz, you're right - I should have mentioned the beautiful pink buttercups in the photo of the daylilies!
    @Deb - aren't those scrumptious?
    @LB - can't wait to see your shots.
    @Jill - yes we do - you need to come visit with your camera!
    @Dagmar - I think our bluebonnets and your Lupines are cousins.
    Thanks everyone!

  8. So many pretty photos here! I really like all your bird photos ~ very nice!

    I will be back!

    Happy April! :)

  9. Hi! Very beautiful flowers and your photos are very good. Spring has come here too.
    I like flowers very much. I came to like blue bonnet too.

  10. It looks like spring where you are!!
    Beautiful photographs!!


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