Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Deepwater in Color

I spent a weekend back in my childhood neighborhood
where shaded streets meander ever outward from a garden of schools planted in an open field,
like petals on a flower expand outward from the pistil.
On Sunday I laced up my running shoes and hit a path that circles through the field, connecting the campuses.
All around me color popped from the green grass, 
flowers I once took for granted because I saw them spring after spring after spring. 

Except primroses - they inspired my wedding colors.
I never took them for granted.
 Still so lovely...

My parents' backyard also exploded with color
from wisteria 

from a yesterday, today and tomorrow bush

and from tiny pink blossoms, nestled in the grass.

This fig tree has guarded the back fence for as long as I can remember, 
an offspring of one in my great- grandmother's garden.

I found tons to capture in my camera, just by stepping out into the yard. 

Not all of the color was from nature, but it was interesting, nonetheless, like this laundry tree in an adjoining yard...


  1. What fabulous splashes of colour!

  2. Primroses are one of my favorites, too.

    Sounds like a cool place to grow up. Reminds me a bit of my childhood home. There's a field behind the house. All the back yards are connected so there's a lot of area to cover as a kid. And always lots to discover simply by stepping out the back door.

  3. Gorgeous photos, Barbara. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Thank you! Vickie, it was a great place to grow up - we could go everywhere on our bikes! Plus the fields... we had a horse pasture across the street where we had our greatest adventures! (Now it's mostly more houses there... )

  5. isn't it funny how a love for a camera can make us open our eyes and see things that went undetected for years!

    I've never heard of a yesterday, today and tomorrow bush but it sure has lovely blossoms!

    wonderful captures!

  6. I believe it's one of those old-fashioned plants, most likely a cutting my grandmother got from somewhere. It smells wonderful!

  7. I always go back to my hometown at least a couple of times a year, and like you I am always amazed at how much more beautiful everything seems there, and how very little I appreciated it when I was there. I am not sure if it's that I appreciate it more, or if it's just that it's home, and will always be that to me.

    Such wonderful photographs of your special place Barbara!

  8. Well, I am so sorry; I visited you a few days ago, but I see my comment didn't show up. That happened with several bloggers I visited in the past couple of days - don't know of it's an oversight of mine, or a problem with Blogger?

    Anyway, these are fabulous photos! I love the bird splashing in the bath! You have a magnificent artistic eye.

    As one of my newest followers, I'll have a little something for you over at my place later today or tomorrow!

  9. The birdbath photo is awesome!

    That sock one at the end made me laugh. :)

  10. Thank you! I have to admit, that sock fence was pretty original, wasn't it?


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