Friday, March 25, 2011

Bird Love

A glimpse through the window, a tiptoe for my camera, and snap! I caught it. 
I just have no idea what it is. A wren? A finch?
But I'm adding it to my friend Jillsy's Tweeter Board anyway. Maybe someone else can figure it out.
All I know is he/she's awfully cute.
(Update: thanks to Jillsy, I believe this is a brown-headed nuthatch! From what I've read, they're usually found in the pine trees of East Texas. This one wandered a bit, but I'm glad!)

Jillsy's trying to collect images of 50 birds from around the world by the end of March.
 Grab your camera and help her out! You don't need to be a blogger. 
Just click on the image below to get more information.



  1. When I saw this on the board I had a great chuckle! :-)

    Species: Cute Fluffy Bird

    He is adorable! I think he might be a nuthatch. Did you notice if he climbed along tree trunks?

  2. No, I just saw him sitting on the railing outside the kitchen window, chillin'. :) I'll google nuthatch and see if it's a match.

  3. Wow! You must be much quieter and sneakier than me! But the time I get my camera, they're in the next county!

  4. He's so cute! And fluffy. I can only identify about 3 types of birds and only because they look distinctively unlike this kind.

  5. This little one is so precious Barbara!
    Such a wonderful photograph.

  6. What a great capture of this precious bird! Well done!

  7. oh i love him...he's so sweet and innocent looking !

  8. @Jenny, mine usually run at the sight too - I was really sneaky but I'm still surprised he stayed put.
    @sainseester, I'm the same way. This has been fun in that I've learned to identify new birds!
    @Lisa, LB and Beth, thank you!!

  9. Great photo..we found one on the road today, a young one..was able to save it and put it in a small bush in the shade..felt good!

  10. Cute Fluffy Bird!!!
    I think that describes him beautifully...he doesn't need a fancy, proper name!!

  11. A commenter over on my blog identified it as an Eastern Phoebe!

  12. Dagmar, I'm so glad your story had a happy ending! ME, I agree, but if Jillsy's right and it's an Eastern Phoebe, "Phoebe" kind of fits it, don't you think?


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