Friday, February 1, 2013

Secrets of the Moon Whisperer

Moon Whisperer.

That's kind of a joke, 
a name a friend gave me because back in 2010 I took a zillion...
no, TWO zillion photos of the full moon.

About ten came out (semi-)worthy of posting.

I loved to zoom in really close.
Here's the post I wrote that explained my process:

I still love zooming in close, 
but to be honest, 
the moon doesn't change much from month to month.

Now I challenge myself to capture different images of the moon, 
like the one below.

So my process has changed.

I usually start at the settings in the post above, 
see what I captured, 
and start making adjustments.


I mostly use Lightroom for post-processing now.

For this one I reduced noise
added clarity and brightness.

That's it.

You'll find my camera settings for this particular image below it.

Happy Moon Chasing!

Exposure 1/125 sec at f / 5.0
Focal Length 140 mm
ISO 1600


  1. i do like these moody ones.

    a blogger posted a series of 'zooms' on the moon recently with incredible clarity and detail in the closest ones. asked her what type of camera she had - a new point and shoot model. made me want to give up my big lens and camera. :)

  2. Oh how cool. Thanks for the settings!

  3. Oh wow! This is seriously cool! Did you take a bunch of the super moon?? I took a few. It was so bright and pretty!

  4. Wow - that is gorgeous! I'm really bad at moon shots.

  5. Happy moon chasing.

    Since you have a dream.

  6. Moon chasing.. I like that. Make the sky always drop its drawers for you. ;)

  7. Thanks for sharing. You're right the month doesn't change from month to month ... plenty of time to practise.

  8. awesome ... this morning i spotted the waning crescent but it was too cold to chance taking my brand-new still without a protective case iPhone 5 out of my pocket

  9. ohh this is beautiful ~ and i love all of the details of how you captured and created this masterpiece : )


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