Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Walking in the Country with Boy and Dogs

Middle son came home a few weekends ago. 
 I had a rare Sunday afternoon free of work or other obligations... of course we took a long walk with the puppies (and my camera.)

Doesn't this look like an oasis?

Robins and yellow flowers...

...spring must be just around the corner! 

Daniel took me on a path I'd never walked before and showed me these huge vines.

I spotted the hole in that tree and took this shot with my zoom to get a closer look. 

It reminds me of, ahem, certain body parts. Am I the only one? 
It kind of goes along with the tree in this post, doesn't it?.

Does anyone know what these little pom-poms are? I love them. 
It's like the tree is having a party.

Belle lounging in the dirt

Daniel, the sweet and kind and funny...and all grown-up.


P.S. Many thanks to Hilary at The Smitten Image for bestowing a Post of the Week on this post and this post of mine! Two in one week! You can only imagine how big my head is right now! Be sure to visit Hilary, see her beautiful photography, and read the other Posts of the Week. 

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  1. cute son. :) love your happy pups.

    someone on a blog called those things china berries. not sure if that's correct or not.

  2. Barbara, you always make me smile! I bet you had a blast visiting with your son. Great macros of the twisted vines. And the tree ... well, I do see things in things ... but I actually saw, um, maybe a pelican's eyes/face as he's looking down to the ground. You pom-pom tree is cute ... love the "tree party." It's so good to see you at Walk and Click Wednesdays!!

  3. What a cutie your boy is.. and the canines. :) Thanks for the shout out, B!

  4. I enjoyed your walk, too. Love those twisted vines and, of course, if there is a dog anywhere I'm happy.

  5. I thought the vines were metal wire! Very cool.

  6. Love your shots of the "body parts" and your dogs having so much fun. Sure you treasure these walks with your handsome son! Great photos

  7. looks like a horse's head/face to me ...

  8. Haha, you deserve the POTW times TWO! Daniel does seem like a sweet Neat shots you got, and yes, I see the body parts in the tree. LOL

  9. I had no idea you have palms in your're more tropical than I would have guessed. I definitely see what you see! ;-)

  10. What a sweet post!! A mom and her does the heart good. How lovely that you have spring around the corner!
    Hope you are having a happy weekend Barbara!
    xo Catherine

  11. I love this post and your portrait of your son!


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