Thursday, February 7, 2013

Down at the Swimmin' Hole

We're having spring/summer-ish days here (I'm sorry, Northeast!)
 Max needs to go swimming to stay cool.

Our little pond is so much better than one of those little plastic things you get at Walmart.

Belle would rather stay on the side, thank you very much. 

She's a dirt dog, not a water dog.

And she loves Max.

Waiting his turn to go in the pool, um, I mean pond.

My house, reflected.

Work of my artist-husband. More about this HERE.

(Do you see the water birds? 
I knew when I saw these at Goodwill, we'd find a place for them.)


  1. the water birds like the toad are good at blending in ... love love love those reflections .. and the dogs .. love them too ...

  2. I'm feeling a little guilty about our spring-like weather too! Especially after hearing about what's headed for the northeast today. Yikes. Always enjoy seeing Belle and Max. What a sweet pair. Beautiful shots of the pond and reflections.

  3. I'm envious of your fine weather but it sure is nice to see your beautiful pooches enjoying the day.

  4. i like your set-up very much. really like that your dogs (like mine) get to be dogs. nothing better...

  5. you have such a great place for a morning walk.

  6. The water birds do not intend to be seen.

  7. How lovely that you have a pond and an artist/artisan husband to complete it.

  8. Wonderful photos as usual..the dogs look liked they just loved i..happy weekend!

  9. Cute dogs. Look like they had a fun outing! I love the reflections on the water.

  10. Wonderful! The dogs look like they are having a great time!

  11. What great pics! My dog Scooter would jump right in too.


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