Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Cedarbrake is a nonprofit retreat and renewal center owned and supported by the Diocese of Austin, and located just outside of Belton, Texas. 

I've been wanting to visit for years, 
and finally made a quick trip there this past weekend with other members of my church pastoral council.

Not nearly enough time to fully experience its beauty, 
but enough to give my camera a workout.

This screen porch ran the length of our little 'house'. 
I loved the way the morning light filtered through the trees and warmed the porch.
I'm a sucker for porches, anyway.

Narrow roads and paths meandered through the trees and cottages. 

Another path through the woods featured the Stations of the Cross.

Little surprises like these bronze sculptures were scattered around the grounds.

I'd never walked a labyrinth before. 
Such a great place for contemplation.

I'm not sure what the real significance is of the rocks in the center, but I placed one there, 
sort of like lighting a candle for continuous prayer.

This sculpture of the Risen Christ in the little chapel inspired joy and hope and a true sense of renewal.

During Mass my eye was drawn up toward this beautiful stained glass celebrating the simple works of God all around us.

(I didn't take these during Mass. I snuck back in later!)

I sat for awhile near this little waterfall. 
So peaceful!

Have you ever slipped away to any kind of retreat center?
If not, I encourage it!

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  1. i have never walked a labyrinth but will someday...

    would it be bad to steal that sun dial? :)

  2. Your shots of this place are beautiful. Looks like the perfect place for meditation and soul renewal. I've not done a Catholic retreat before - or any for that matter - but I see one in my future.

  3. Barbara, this looks like such a lovely place. The sculptures are so neat. I especially love the girl reading a book. And labyrinths are really fun to walk. I did one some time after my father died and had some interesting revelations. You did a fabulous job on the lighting in the porch and sundial pictures. Love the angles too. Thanks for sharing in Walk and Click Wednesdays! Come again, my friend. ;->

  4. What a lovely peaceful place! Your photos are gorgeous.

  5. What a gorgeous and serene place for a retreat...oh I need one badly. Nice shots!

  6. walking the labyrinth is soothing .. my friend Lauren's former church (she moved out of state) had one and it was lovely to walk ... soothing, calming, a way to think without stress

  7. Barbara,

    I have never been on a retreat since being back in the Catholic church but this looks so peaceful and serene that I am going to look into it. Thanks for the tour.
    We have The Ignatius House here in Georgia.


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