Monday, September 19, 2011

Separation Anxiety (and a Georgetown Flashback, Part 1: the Courthouse)

I finally dropped my Nikon off for some much-needed TLC last week.

It was tough letting go, I admit it. But when the technician cleaning my lens muttered something about it "living in an unclean environment" as the pile of dirty Q-tips on the table grew larger, I felt ashamed of my selfish clinginess.

The poor thing has suffered such abuse over the past few years! Even cameras deserve a vacation, don't they? I vow to take much better care of it from now on.

It helped to have my iPhone - I even discovered I can take videos! But I'll be so glad to hold my Nikon in my hands again. Nothing can take its place (except maybe a Nikon D7000...)

I've been going through some 'old' photos, reminiscing about the good times I've shared with my camera, and look what I discovered! Some shots of a day we spent together in Georgetown, Texas back in July. 

Antiques and architecture... two things my camera and I both love!

We were there for several hours and since I was on a tight budget and only window-shopping, I ended up with dozens and dozens of photos. 

I'll start with the courthouse... (I love courthouses, don't you?)

I have no idea who this is, but no courthouse is complete without a statue or two, right?

I loved the contrast of colors and materials they used on the courthouse. What a great clock!

Lady Justice - let's hope she still wields some influence!

Keeping an eye on the courthouse square. 
It looks surprisingly clean, doesn't it, considering all of those pigeons?

Come back tomorrow for "Georgetown Flashback, Part 2"!


  1. Love that clock too! It's really weird how the pigeons have a sense of symmetry :). Great photos, hope your Nikon comes back soon. x

  2. Love the last shot with all the pigeons ... their eye of justice watching!

  3. They are surprisingly symmetric and clean, aren't they? I hope they're real and not little mechanical pigeon-cameras! (Just kidding! Don't worry - I saw they hopping around. That would be some really advanced technology - beyond the county budget, I'm sure!)

  4. yes, I love small town, town square court houses also. So solid and enduring. And I love that second shot, great perspective.

  5. I love the architecture of old court houses. :) This one is a beauty.

    I know I asked on your other blog about the details on your camera cleaning, but I forgot to ask how long you had to leave it off? I'm suffering separation anxiety just thinking about dropping mine off. :/

  6. These are great photos Barbara, and I hope that your camera will be back with you soon. Mine was "sick" just a little over a year ago, and I was so lost without it. Add to that, the fact that it died in the middle of a photography course I was taking, and the sum total was not a pretty picture!! :-)

  7. i hope my camera and i never part....i just had to send in a broken lens and it was like losing a limb....OKAY, not that bad, but you know what i mean.

    i was so close to ordering the d7000 and starting NEW {i'm a pentax girl} and found out that the pentax k-5 is in the same running as the d7000....SO just today, i ordered my new camera and a 50mm 1.4 lens....a little treat to myself :)

  8. I have been thinking alot about my nikon needing a clean too... it's really making me a little guilty... i don't need another thing to feel guilty about.
    Lovely courthouse.. and yes it is rather clean... :0)

  9. love the pidgies all clustered there. :)

  10. Very nice. I especially like the drama of the Lady Justice shot.

  11. I hope your camera is back in your hands soon! Lovely photos Barbara!
    xo Catherine


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