Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whoo-Hoo! Time to Celebrate!

Four years of frustration, late nights, tired eyes, chewed fingernails 
deserves at least two days of celebration, don't you agree?
Here are a few moments I captured in my camera this past weekend as my middle son officially said 
good-bye to college life...

It was a blur, those four years...

The Eyes of Texas are upon you...

He's in there somewhere...

My parents were determined to be there...

The celebration continued the next day... 
a reception in the second oldest building on campus, overlooking the huge UT ceremony.
First, cake...

Rich, antique woodwork and cherubs... I'm in heaven!

I just really like this photo...

It's cool in black and white, too...

Heading out to the final ceremony in graduation garb...

Tom watching the festivities in air-conditioned comfort...

And the grand finale... I took lots of these...

Whew! What a send-off! 
Congratulations, again, Daniel! 


  1. OMG, Barbara, these are more than amazing. Most of them look like they should be published! I'm totally serious. Did you get a new lens? How did you accomplish such clarity and perfect lighting at night? You've blown me away, girl!!!!

    BTW...your Dad and Daniel look so alike in that photo!

  2. What wonderful shots - so full of zest and love! Congrats to Daniel.

  3. Congratulations Barbara!!
    My son graduated last weekend, but will be going on for another 4 years.
    Wonderful photographs of a memorable time.

  4. First, congratulations on your son's achievement.

    Secondly, those night shots are fantastic! Do tell how you captured them ... camera, settings

    Beautiful all the way around!

  5. Goodness ~ that school truly knows how to send their grads off in style! Fabulous!

    Congratulations to your son!

    Wishing you a terrific weekend Barbara!
    xo Catherine

  6. Oh, congrats to Daniel,that's an accomplishment to be proud of.
    And what wonderful photos you have to remind you of the occassion. I love the one of the stairwell also. And of course, the fireworks.

  7. how proud you must be..the fireworks lend such a celbitory feel- and the photos are stunning! what a great weekend is in store for you.

  8. Fabulous pictures!!! love the celebration post today too!

  9. what a spectacular day for everyone !!!
    congratulations !!!


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