Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Full Flower Moon and Wild Onion Angels

Full days, a full calendar, a mind too full and overflowing. 
Makes it tough to get up before the sun every morning.
A full moon greeting me through the kitchen window makes it all better, though.

I heard it's called the Full Flower Moon, because at this time of year 
it should be smiling down on fields of wildflowers.

Because of the drought, there weren't many wildflowers for it to smile upon
until a few days ago, 
when these wild onions popped up in the woods, 
looking like tiny angels 
lifting their arms to 
heaven, singing silent songs of praise and gratitude.

Just in time to welcome the Full Flower Moon.


  1. Each of these is wonderful Barbara!
    Your photographs of the moon are perfection.
    I've never heard of a Full Flower Moon. What a wonderful thought!

  2. Onion flowers! That's what those are. Thank you! Love your Flower Moon shot. So beautiful. All of these are, really.

  3. Pretty moon AND flowers. Ours must have been the shower moon.. because it's been raining.. seemingly endlessly.

  4. They look like little bugles tooting their praise!! Lovely shots!

  5. Beautiful! The Flower Moon name comes from Native American Indians. They named the full moons based on things happening around them.

  6. Fantastic photos Barbara ~ especially that moon!
    xo Catherine


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