Friday, July 8, 2011

Wild Things Part 3: Feathers, Fur and (No) Fangs

"I wonder where that woodpecker is," Daddy says every time I visit. "He drops by for a little while every day, but I haven't seen him today at all."
For some reason, that woodpecker never made an appearance when I was there, and it was giving me a complex. Why didn't it like me?
I began to think Mr. Woodpecker was friends with the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny... wink, wink. You know what I mean!
But then finally, last time I was there, my mom called from the back room... "Barbara, come quick! Bring your camera!"
Well, whaddaya know...Yes, Virginia, there is a woodpecker! 

And he likes peanuts!

I also grabbed a few cute shots of this precocious squirrel in Mama and Daddy's backyard. How could I resist? It was obviously posing for me!

Tom and I were on a walk near our pond when he spotted this skink. I never did see it through the weeds (remember, Tom cheats by wearing his glasses all the time) so I passed him the camera...

A flash of orange and green stripes slithered past me last week, disappearing into the rock retaining wall in front of our house. Later, this little head peered out at me and Tom. Just a cute little garter snake.

I angled around to the side and crept closer...

...and it said that was close enough, thank you, by disappearing back into its comfy snake-size cave.

Stay tuned for even more wild things... (I'll give you a hint: Turtles!)


  1. Oh wow - what great pics of these delightful critters!

  2. Oh My...that squirrel shot is priceless! We went to Home Depot yesterday and purchased two bird feeders (we stopped feeding the birds a few years ago when we realized we were only feeding the squirrels, but now our next door neighbors are getting all the birds since they purchased a bird feeder!). Going to put them up today!

  3. Clasping hand over mouth at the cuteness of that squirrel... and then again at the eeeeek of the slithering thing...

  4. Fine shots of the woodpecker.. I'm glad he put in an appearance for you. But I LOVE that squirrel shot. It's so adorable!

  5. I love that woodpecker ... I keep trying to get a good picture of the one that comes daily to my feeders! ewwww ... snakes ... yuck!

  6. That squirrel is adorable! The snake... not so much. ;)

    Perfect shots Barbara!

    Happy Sunday!
    xo Catherine

  7. What fantastic shots these are Barbara!
    The squirrel shots are absolutely precious.

  8. The squirrel - how adorable!!!!

    Earlier this week, I saw the biggest woodpecker I have ever seen in my life. Seriously, this thing was on steroids. And naturally, I didn't have my camera...

  9. Very nice but I'm affraid by snakes...
    Regards from France,


  10. Those are some amazing images! What a handsome woodpecker - miss that sound. And love love love squirrels - sure miss them too. I traded those creatures for snakes (moving to Greece) but they're also pretty awesome - from a safe distance! I don't fear them just not too keen on behalf of the cats.
    Cool shots Barbara!

  11. Fabulous captures Barbara. The squirrel in the clay pot is adorable ♥


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