Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just an Old Truck...

...That's all it is.

Just an old, rusted truck.

But my heart skipped a beat at first sight of its broad grin, cracked windshield, rounded lines...

...the speckles and splashes of rust and primer...

I just love old trucks.

Don't you?


  1. I do indeed and this one is a beauty.

  2. Old vehicles have lots of character don't they? You've captured this old truck perfectly Barbara.

    And I like all your turtles below!

    Happy Friday!
    xo Catherine

  3. Love it! Up at our lake condo there is a person who drives one of these exact trucks but it's in excellent shape and fire engine red! I've been wanting to photograph it but feel funny about doing so.

  4. Wonderful photos of this old beater! Love the different angles and crops. Very creative!!

  5. I love this old car...
    It must have many things to tell us !
    Regards from France,


  6. i do....and someday i want one in my backyard covered in ivy and weeds :)

  7. I do, and your photographs of this one are fantastic!
    Love your new blog design!!

  8. Ah, yes...I do indeed love old trucks, Barbara...and old barns, and old houses, and old cemeteries.I guess I just admire staying power...LOL!

    And thank you for your kind comment on my b-day's much appreciated!

  9. yes, yes and YES
    love them. love to photograph them
    photographs of old cars and trucks are so wonderful for playing with textures. you found one sweet subject, rust and all.

  10. Great shot! Much more interesting than turtles, although you DID have a couple of very nice turtle pics!!

  11. The car photos reminded me of the paintings of cars in US settings, by John Salt [a Birmingham [UK]artist]whose work I saw recently.


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