Monday, April 11, 2011

Yellow, the Color of the Season

The theme for focus52 this week is "Yellow" - an easy one for me. 
It seemed everywhere I looked, yellow was popping up and saying "Look at me!"

And then it hit me - this sign is yellow, too.

It was a gift from my son's girlfriend. 
Every time I see it, I think of Frankie.
Sure, it makes me sad. I miss my Frankie bird.
But it also makes me smile.
He was a funny little guy.

(Click HERE if you have no idea what I'm talking about.)

Is it just wishful thinking that I hope another one wanders our way some day?
But perhaps not. 

After all, Frankie and Ruthie just wandered up and adopted us - why couldn't it happen again?

(I've also linked this to Lisa Gordan's Creative Exchange. Click here to see the other contributions - they're gorgeous!)


  1. Gosh Barbara, I am so sorry. This happened before I found you here, but I just read your post about it. I hope someday soon, some will come again.

    Your photographs are just beautiful. Truly the beauty of spring!

  2. it looks like spring has come to your corner of the world..wonderful photos!

  3. Just stopping back to thank you for sharing these at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a beautiful day Barbara!


  4. Maybe you may want to place a facebook icon to your site. I just marked down the site, however I must complete this by hand. Simply my advice.

  5. Your photos certainly say "Spring"! Love the guinea sign; guess I need to click the link and read about that. Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  6. Thank you all! @Lisa, thanks for hosting the Creative Exchange :)@Anonymous, if you look in the left sidebar, there's a Facebook link (Long Hollow)and there's also one at the bottom of each post. Thanks for taking the time to do it by hand, though.

  7. I couldn't find any yellow for Focus52. It seems that yellow was a March color around here, but maybe I didn't look hard enough. Great sightings for you though!

    BTW...I received a very similar comment from Anonymous a few weeks back and I responded just as you did. What's the deal...they get their kicks from leaving a silly comment like that on blogs?

  8. I do love yellow flowers and your photos are lovely!
    I read your post about Frankie and I can certainly sympathize with you. Our animal friends can certainly find a place within our hearts. You will always have memories of that special little bird.

  9. Beautiful photos - so sad about Frankie - I would have been inconsolable.... :)

  10. Thank you! Yes, Frankie is still alive and well in my memory - enough to make me cry if I dwell on it more than a few seconds. I feel really blessed to have the memories, though.

  11. Beautiful flowers... I especially like the first one ;)


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