Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Antelope Horn

Isn't that a funny name for a flower?

But then, it's a funny-looking flower-
more alien than antelope,
don't you think?

Actually, it's called "Antelope Horn Milkweed"... 

I noticed it popping up along the road this week
and didn't even realize it was a flower until I looked closely through my camera lens.

That's when I also realized it's a pretty popular hang-out...
...among a certain set, anyway.

I still don't know what those yellow and black bugs are though.

Part 2: Okay, I've been sent two links for different beetles - both look very similar to mine. I think mine might be a mix of the two! Here are the links - tell me what you think...



  1. Very interesting plant and bug! so colorful.

    the closest I could find was this, but I don't think it's quite the same:

  2. It IS a funny name, but a very beautiful flower!
    Your photographs of it are fantastic!

  3. I agree with Jillsy Girl - it's a painted locust borer. We get them around here when the goldenrod blooms.

    I've never seen that flower before, but it's magnificent! Or is it just the eye of the artist that makes it seem so?

  4. What beautiful shots! The plant and the bugs are lovely...

  5. Such an unusual flower! I love that you got the insects, too!

  6. What an interesting find!
    I am not good with flower names too which was the reason I join flower memes. Sadly, the two flower sites are on vacation at present ;-(

  7. VERY pretty!!!
    I dislike the bugs though! :)


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