Friday, April 15, 2011

It's a sickness...

I blame Jillsy and that dang Color My World photo/blog hop of hers.
She challenged us to find something turquoise.

No biggy - I posted a photo of a beautifully wrapped birthday present.
Then I sat down to eat.

Straight ahead of me on the windowsill were these...

Then I remembered this, and added it to the mix...

And that's when all hell broke loose... 
(strictly photographically speaking, of course!)

I'm sorry.

Unless you like colored glass... 
...then you're welcome.


  1. I'm laughing hysterically!! :-)

    You need to add one of them to the board!!

  2. Hs! Out of all of them, that's the one I would have chosen, too! :-)

  3. I love your collection of glass!

  4. I wonder what color glass envy or glass jealousy is?, turquoise...oh my absolutely beautiful these photos are! Great eye for the details.

  5. Well, I'll say thank you! Not only do I love colored glass and turquoise is one of my favorite colors...but this brought back memories for me! I had to laugh when I saw your thumbnail photo. My Dad collects these insulators and I have one sitting right on the desk in front of me...guess what color? :) He belonged to a club of insulator collectors and he used to go climb the poles and get the ones down that weren't being used anymore...too funny :) Thanks again for the beautiful photos! Liz

  6. What fabulous turquoise glass... just lovely!

  7. ohmyGosh!! My ex used to collect those telephone insulator things!! I never thought to photograph them - now I wish I could after seeing yours - your shots of these are WONDERFUL!!!

  8. These are so beautiful! The colors make me think of the beach, warm sand, blue water, with shimmers of green and turquoise ~ fantastic!

    Happy Sunday Barbara!
    xo Catherine

  9. Great collection!! Love those colors. Don't be sorry!

  10. Oh, I LOVE your collection and your photos. *sigh* just love that color. thank you for sharing them.

  11. I absolutely LOVE blue and turquoise glass too! Beautiful capture of them!

  12. Neat, I also I have with this type of object. If you are interested see:

  13. thanks for sending me this link. Funny I added a picture to this challenge too.
    So after I left that comment about the insulators I went to find them (only 3 or 4 of them). I have not found them yet. I'm sure they are somewhere around here.


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