Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Looks like Spring (Feels like Summer!)

Snowflakes are still falling on my friends in the north
while here in my bit of Texas, 
we're sweating summer-style and praying for rain.

Does anyone else get the feeling Spring is playing hooky?
Where is that rascal hiding?

 I hope, despite the lack of rain, 
this quote is true... 

There are always flowers for those who want to see them. ~ Henri Matisse

Just in case, I'm snapping them up while I can...


  1. I love all of these and my favorite one is the penultimate photo. All of us need rain. Was the wildfire near Austin close to you?

  2. Dearest Barbara,

    Might you send a little summer my way? Perhaps your summer, mixed with my winter would make some spring!?

    I can hardly wait until I start seeing some flowers in my yard ~ but for now ~ I shall live vicariously through you! :)

    Warm thoughts,
    xo Catherine

  3. We need to find this happy medium between your summer weather and my winterish weather. Still I'd rather look at your beautiful flower photos than my not-quite-budding-and-mostly-bare branches.

  4. @Deb, I love that one, too. I had so many I'd forgotten about and that was one of them. A sweet surprise! We've had a few fires in Austin, but not part of that huge one - it's still farther west. But we're pretty much a tinderbox here.
    @Catherine and Hilary, I would love to trade a little of my summer/spring with your winter/spring! We're sweltering and I'm sure the flowers won't last long!

  5. Hi Barbara..brr...from one of your winter show birds in BC..It hasn't been warm since we left AZ..but I know what you mean by needing rain! your photos are a lovely glimpse into your part of the world...beautifully done!

  6. Love these! My favorite is the blue-eyed grass. So dainty. Do you know what that second light blue flower is? The color is so unusual! And I love the shape of the petals.

    Texas and its schizophrenic weather patterns drive me crazy. Seems like there's no or very little "in between weather". We just go straight from winter to summer. :/

  7. What gorgeous and artistic shots you've taken. Love the rain-drenched flower best!

  8. Thank you! Dagmar, I bet you're relishing the memory of Arizona, aren't you?
    Gail, I don't know what it is, but I really want to start my own little chart of the ones I see and their names. (ugh- the weather.)
    Lady Fi, that's one of my favorites, too. I didn't even see the water drops till I had it on my computer!

  9. I was recently at Lowes Garden Center and wanted to scoop up every gorgeous plant. I settled on a lavender plant.You should check out http://DearLittleRedHouse.blogspot.com where every Monday is Mosaic Monday where you can post pictures of your photography.

  10. All these flowers are so delicate looking and you captured them perfectly! So sorry I haven't been around, but with Mom here, my time on the computer has been extremely limited. Don't forget me!! :-)

  11. These are beautiful Barbara!
    Here in NY, we are not quite there yet, but spring is slowing starting to show itself.

  12. Wow - what gorgeous pictures.

    Feels like summer here too, and this is England!!

  13. Really gorgeous photos!! So glad I found you!


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