Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tequila Sunrises (and Sunsets)

I just spent four sunshine-filled days on the coast with twenty women and my camera...

...with some dancing and ping-pong thrown in. 

That's pretty dang close to heaven for me.

I tried my best to get up in time to capture the sunrises, 

which is always in direct conflict with my desire to catch up on rest - and go dancing!

But the sunrises just called me every morning. 

No alarm clocks are necessary when you don't want to waste a single moment of a weekend you wait for all year. 

(The sunsets were captured purely by accident and more glorious because of it.)

"What more pleasant sensation than sunshine on skin, 
Spirit and flesh drinking in the light 
Of God and energy itself." 

~ Terri Guillemets


  1. Sensational pics! Glad you had some good girl time fun!

  2. Such splendid views to begin and end the day.

  3. My goodness, these are gorgeous, Barbara!!

  4. I always stay up too late for sunrises, but yours are gorgeous!

  5. Twenty women and your camera. Sounds like a great time. Looks spectacular!


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