Thursday, October 24, 2013


Nothing says "October" like a church bazaar!

A Friday night street dance, Saturday vendors, cake walk, washer tournament, train, and more!

...and the next morning, vendors and cake walks...

(Preparing the German dinner. I couldn't go, but I still wish I could have tried that sauerkraut with spiced apples on top.) 

The washer tournament champions!


  1. I have a mental picture of two of my kids, putting my grandchildren on the zip line and me screaming... there's no safety harness! They'd tell me to calm down, if the kids fall off they'll hold on tighter next time. My reply... if they get a next time. The older I get, the more crazy protective I am.

  2. Looks like a really enjoyable time !
    Love that steeple shot .

  3. thanks for sharing the washer tournament - i wasn't sure how that would work. :) what a great time for all ages. everyone looks happy and a real feeling of community in these...

  4. What fun! I'd love to try zip lining someday. Everyone sure seems to be enjoying themselves.

  5. These photos are wonderful, Barbara. They so beautifully represent the fun of the day.

  6. so much fun! those two panning shots are amazing!

  7. How fun and the weather looks fabulous! :)

  8. wow. cool steeple pic...and the zipline...your oktoberfest looks like so much fun...i love german potatoe salad as well...

  9. Your October looked so delightful Barbara. Warm weather and many friends.
    It is snowing today. I think it will stay this time. November 3 - much too early for winter!
    Hope you are keeping well my friend!
    xo Catherine


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