Wednesday, September 25, 2013

No Peace for the Great Blue

Saturday morning my brother-in-law, who was visiting, spotted something flying through the Hollow behind our house. 

The Great Blue Heron had returned, thanks to a substantial rainfall on Thursday and Friday that left a few feet of water in the ponds.

Big Blue sat patiently on a branch above the small pond while I snapped photo after photo after photo...
...and continued sitting still even when I got my tripod out and snapped photo after photo after photo...

(They all look like this one, so I'll spare you the others.)

I spotted Blue again later wading in a pond. 

This time he wasn't so patient.

I'm pretty sure I heard him muttering "This used to be such a peaceful neighborhood...." as he took off in search of seclusion.


  1. laughing! yup, they get some similar treatment here. :)

  2. Nice catch the photos of the blue heron..

  3. Glad he was patient for awhile:) Awesome shots.
    The rain really does bring everything back to life, doesn't it.

  4. across from my late parents condo was a wildlife preserve and the herons nested in the trees, it was so nice to watch them

  5. What a gorgeous bird, Barbara, and how fortunate you were to be able to photograph it.

  6. Lovely captures. I spent a few days up at our new place last week. When we sat on the deck and looked out over the lake, two of these beauties did a low fly-by. That was such a thrill. It always is.

  7. I think Texas has more GBH than Louisiana. I took them for granted when I lived there. We see a few here and there, but more of the Great Egret and Snowys. Your shot of him in the tree (first one) is really beautiful.

  8. It might have remembered wrongly.

    This is not the same old place.


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