Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Frankie's Dirt Bath (Frankie Part 3)

Ah, that felt good.

The first time I saw Frankie take one of his dirt baths, I didn't know what the heck he was doing. 
But it became clear by the end. 

I'm grateful I was able to catch the whole process with my camera one day.

I guess the dirt helped rid his feathers of little bugs, perhaps?

The very last photos I took of Frankie are posted on Long Hollow HERE, along with my post from the day he died.

I hope you've enjoyed my Frankie photo album!

P.S. Voting has begun for the PEC Photography Contest. 
Go HERE to vote for my photo of a morning walk with Frankie, Tom, and the puppies.
Thank you!


  1. really enjoying every bit of it! :)

  2. fascinating.....sweet Frankie was beautiful.

  3. Fantastic series of shots!

    Frankie's feather pattern plays some serious tricks on my eyes! LOL!

  4. Oh, what lovely set of shots!

  5. Dirt bath brought me over to your other blog. Maybe the dirt conditions the feathers. Oh here's an idea off the top of my head - maybe the dirt scratches an itch.

  6. i have seen sparrows in the park doing that .. its so odd and yet it works for them ..

  7. Thank you for sharing Frankie with us.
    On my way to vote . . .

  8. Awww sweet Frankie. It sounds like he had a lovely life with you. Sometimes the oddest creatures steal our hearts. Thanks for sharing your boy.


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