Thursday, August 1, 2013

Crape Myrtles, At Last!

Several years ago we planted three crape myrtles covered in gorgeous fuchsia blooms in a small raised bed at the top of our walk. 

They've hardly bloomed since. 

Last year I even carried buckets of water up the hill to water them in the hottest, driest part of the summer to coax them. 

No luck.

So this year I decided to ignore them. 

And look what happened...

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. 
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Patience indeed! It was worth the wait I'd say. They're beautiful.

  2. Lovely! (I just hate the hard little husk things they leave on the ground)

  3. Wonderful light in the third photo though they are all beautiful.

  4. I guess sometimes, some things are better left on themselves ;-)

  5. These are beautiful, Barbara, and what a wonderful color!

  6. mine have really struggled since the drought 2 years ago. i really thought i was losing them, but a friend suggested putting some soaking horse manure around them and into the ground. that helped perk them up, and i did get blooms this year, but they're still struggling. i water them in the worst of the heat, but i'm wondering if i'm creating shallow roots or something. so many others around here are bursting with healthy blooms!

  7. beeeeeeeautiful.
    you kept them alive and they do the rest...
    I always tell my clients this rule of thumb for perennials:
    the first year they sleep,
    the second year they creep,
    the third year they leap!
    I love that about patience:)

  8. I met two crape myrtles in a row.

    They must be very hot in the net currently.

    Have a weekend.

  9. Oh so pretty!! I've never seen those before. Lovely.
    xo Catherine

  10. That darned virtuous patience is always strutting her stuff, isn't she? She did a fine job of rewarding you though.. and you did a fine job of planting and photographing the results.

  11. love these blooms .. along upper Broadway we have crepe myrtle planted and they always look so lovely .. my husband calls them crap myrtle ;)

  12. I have had the very same experience; mine are blooming this year too....

    This particular color is beautiful and I love the light and angles of your shots.....

    I am new to your blog and finding to be very lovely......

  13. Well Barbara,
    Your watering paid off. Such gorgeous blooms. We have had almost too much rain this season and a lot of my flowers are not blooming like usual. Oh well. Always next year, God willing.



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