Monday, September 2, 2013

Looking Back at August

It seemed like August barely arrived before it was leaving again, 
blowing past me while I was busy getting acquainted with the real estate business. 

I still made time for quite a few morning walks with my camera. 

Here are a few of my favorites from the past couple of weeks...

One of these days I'll find the name of these. 
They're tiny and easy to ignore, but are so photogenic, aren't they?

There are different stages of beauty. Don't you agree?

Another one that's easy to ignore, but so beautiful if you take a closer look. 
(Thanks to TexWis Girl for letting me know its name!)

A cousin to the Mexican hats. 
A final hurrah for the summer.

This sign is close to the road I walk almost every day, but I don't think I've ever noticed it until now. 
I love the combination of blue and rust.

I love how the bark on this post has peeled and flopped over the barbed wire. 
See the sign from the photo above in the background?

A man I used to work with told me his family used to eat prickly pear, but I don't remember how he said they cooked it. 
(Yes, I know. I can probably find a recipe on the internet, now, right? Hmmm...maybe next year.)

A premonition of cooler weather on its way? 
I hope so!

Hello September.... please don't be in as big a rush as August! Take your time and let us enjoy you!


  1. i've seen some of the prickly pear paddles for sale at grocery stores (sans stickers) but have no idea how they're prepared, either. i've heard of folks making jam from the pears, though.

    i like that old rusty sign, too. :)

  2. It did go by all too quickly. The entire summer did, actually.
    It looks like your August was a beautiful one,
    Love these images.
    I hope you've had a wonderful holiday weekend.

  3. mm there are different stages of those flower pics have a cool etherealness

  4. Beautiful images of the fleeting month. All of them seem to be flying by, as well as the years. *sigh

  5. Such lovely images, Barbara but I think I love the last one the best... which is strange for me, being such a summer person. I hope September wears its summer clothes for a while. I feel like the season has passed me by.

  6. August flew by too quickly. Lovely shots!

  7. lovely all .. the last is especially poignant

  8. You have taken a couple of beautiful pictures.

    l love them.

  9. Yes to enjoying September . . .
    Golly, prickly pear - i remember my grandfather talking about it - as candy -

    And - My foster father would have LOVED your cactus photo -

    Thanks again for the super blog-vacation.

  10. August always seems to fly by; I think because as a child I didn't want summer to end and this thought has carried over into adulthood....
    Your images of the past month are beautiful and your attention to detail is wonderful.

    I too hope September lingers alittle longer than August....

  11. Great images , each on caught my attention fully !
    Thanks so much for the share .


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