Sunday, July 28, 2013

Belle, the Flying Puppy

"A dog is one of the remaining reasons why some people can be persuaded to go for a walk."
~O.A. Battista

At the end of our road is a patch of tall grass. 

I'm not sure what's living in it, but Belle is determined to catch one. 

I wrote about trying to catch her mid-jump on Long Hollow a few weeks ago and shared some of the efforts. 

But this week I finally caught her flying, with all four paws off the ground. am I going to capture her from the front?


  1. First you need a very large mirror... ;)

    That's adorable, Barbara. Benny is more of a vertical jumper.. to see Belle flying is too darned cute.

  2. that is ADORABLE!!! pure glee in those flying ears and tucked-up paws!

  3. She does look intent on capturing something!
    These are great shots, Barbara!

  4. wow .. she's fast like a bunny

  5. Awww - love these shots!


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