Thursday, July 18, 2013

From Random Mornings in July

Because of work, real estate school, and our recent string of rainy days (hallelujah!), I haven't been taking as many photographs. 

But I do have a growing collection of random morning shots I've been wanting to share with you... 

This is a common sight on our walks.

Max is a water dog, but Belle loves dirt. Every soft patch of caliche we come to...which means every few feet... she plops down and wallows, dragging her nose through it, rolling on her back, pawing...with a look of pure joy on her face. 

Inevitably, a line from Monty Python's "Search for the Holy Grail" pops in my mind: "There's some lovely filth down here, Dennis!"

(If you have no idea what I'm talking about, click on the link and watch the video. I'll warn you,'s pure sillines!)

This is a section of our driveway, about an eighth of the total length.

See the rock piled on either side? 
Tom's been collecting them for ages now for his current project: paving the entire driveway. 

A few morning pinks still dot the Hollow.
They're a great illustration for "Bloom where God plants you", aren't they?

Why are they so afraid of me?
Silly doves.

I cut my leg on a barbed wire fence when I was six. 
So it's kind of weird that I still love them, isn't it?

One morning the cardinals carried on a long conversation all around me. 
I could hear one near me and finally tracked him to the top of this tree, singing his heart out.   

I spotted this handsome frog down by our little pond. 

He's definitely not alone, though. Last night there was a wild frog ruckus going on down there, celebrating all the rain we've gotten lately. 

It's hard to believe such a tiny thing can be so loud!

Tom's mermaid, who lives in the little pond, catching some morning sun rays.
No, I'm not jealous.
Well, maybe just a little.

I hope you enjoyed the walk through my Hollow! 
I'm very grateful I have the chance almost every morning to enjoy the beauty around us.

In every walk with nature one receives fare more than he seeks. 
~John Muir

P.S. Please keep my parents in your thoughts and prayers. They're both in the hospital right now.
  Thank you!


  1. oh, sorry about your parents!!! i do hope all will be well!

    i, too, enjoyed our unheard of respite from heat and dry texas summer! and now the heat and humidity is coming back with a force...

    love belle! makes me smile!

  2. Love the shots.....Give your puppies a squeeze and a scratch from me! Can't wait to see you this weekend!!! XOXOXO

  3. Early morning is my favorite time of day. I like all your morning shots!

    Sending good thoughts and wishes that your parents are OK Barbara!
    xo Catherine

  4. I'll take this walk with you any old time, Barbara. Our neighbors have a little pond, & I just love hearing the frogs sing. Just 2 frogs make a huge racket.

    Both parents in the hospital? Oh no. May they both be well.

  5. I'll try whatever I can to get your parent be well.

  6. i love how you take us along on your walks. you live in such a magical place, it seems.

    i will be keeping you r parents in my thoughts.

  7. Wonderful Morning Pictures . .
    I hope your parents are home - and happy.
    love & love,


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