Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nature's Metallica - Green Longhorn Beetle

One of the good things about having kids is that when your eyes start wearing out, 
your kids can spot things you never would have noticed. 

Like this Green Longhorn Beetle.

It was zipping all over a little tree near our front door on Father's Day weekend, 
but I never would have known it if it weren't for my kids.

Even after they pointed it out to me
...again and again and again...
it took a long time for my eyes to find it.

I was determined to take its picture, but... yeesh! 
It was twisting and scurrying so fast along the limbs that it's a wonder I captured any images that were remotely in focus.

And then, spotted me.

Or maybe it had just had enough of me and my camera. 
I recognized that look.
 Very similar to the one my kids often give me when I point a camera at them.

Just one more, I promise! Hold still!

Great! Thanks! All done. 

(I haven't seen him since. But then, that doesn't mean he's not there!)


  1. i've seen one of those here once, too. so cool!!! :)

  2. Oh my -- that's quite the flamboyant insect. Great macros Barb.

  3. Ha.. very cute. Interesting little bug and very cool that you were able to capture him for us to see. Nicely done.

  4. what a beauty but still ... ewwww ... bugs ....

  5. Really neat looking creature.
    Love the colors!

  6. You did a excellent with the moving target! BTW, please keep him in your area, I have enough bugs and they don't seem nearly THAT big. I don't want it, even as a subject to shoot, thank you very much! LOL!

  7. He's downright exotic! Great job taking pics of tough subject. I'm glad the kids spotted him & everybody was kind to him:)

  8. Eeek! That beetle makes me a bit squeamish! LOL!
    But ~ very pretty colors. He has that going for him. :)
    Wishing you a wonderful July Barbara!
    xo Catherine


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