Sunday, June 23, 2013

Moon, Super or Not

I admit I'm confused about the date of the Super Moon. 
I've heard June 23, but then read where the best time to see it rise was last night, on the 22nd...

Does it really matter? What's one day?

So at dusk last night I ran up to our road with my camera to snap a few portraits of the full moon. 
I had time on my hands that would be gone this evening.

The golden moon had already risen above the treetops, but was still larger than it normally appears. 
It was at least semi-super, if not officially "Super".

My photos...not so super, 
but better than I expected after playing with them in Lightroom, 
so I'm sharing them with you!

"Be still, and know that I am God." ~ Psalm 46:10

That verse always comes to mind when I regard a full moon.

(Add your link in the comments if you captured the moon with your camera, too!)


  1. i watched it rise last night, but didn't attempt a photo. just told it 'hello!' :)

  2. That's pretty darn super to me, Barbara. Lovely moon shots.

  3. I went down to the water and watched it rise. It was beautiful... my photos didn't do it justice.

  4. big sigh .. i got a decent shot on Saturday night but here in NYC it never truly gets dark enough to get a really good detailed shot like yours

  5. You did a beautiful job! I particularly like the deep azure sky in the first photo. Double D and I gazed at it, but I did not attempt any shots.

  6. Barbara, I love what you did! Your shot of the super moon is wonderful! And I love the quote from God.

  7. Wow - how amazing and lovely!

    Only cloud cover here so I slept through the whole event...

  8. Great shots Barbara! I didn't attempt any this year. Great to see yours.


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