Monday, June 17, 2013

A Week Ago Today...

Last Monday I spent the afternoon near
and IN
Lake Travis, 
tagging along after this sweet, fun family.

You can see more photos of them over at my website

But you won't see them all. 
I kind of went crazy.
I took over 200 photos!

Between working, editing those photos, and celebrating Father's Day with my dad and then with Tom, 
this past week has zoomed by. 

But guess what?
One of my photos will be featured in HuffPost 50's 
but I'm not sure when. 
I'll keep you posted.

I have other photos I want to share with you soon 
of the yucca blooms 
and this weird metallic beetle my kids spotted 
but they aren't ready yet. 

So I'll just share these of this awesome old red truck 
resting in the parking lot of Bogie's Buggies, 
an automotive shop in Lago Vista. 

It's missing a few parts. 
Can you tell?

I hope they can fix it up, 
but I loved it the way it was and had fun meeting it
and playing with the photos.

(If it had air-conditioning, automatic windows, and a radio, this would be the vehicle of my dreams!)

Thanks for coming by!
I hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. That is a pretty cool old truck. Congratulations on the Huffington Post photo.

  2. My Dad had an old International that I loved to drive.

    Congratulations on the Huffington Post photo!

  3. First: CONGRATULATIONS!!! What great news - You so totally deserve it.

    Second . . . I would be happy driving a functional truck like this - it's the stuff dreams are made of.

    Happy Day!

  4. great old truck! love that family photo, too. the kiss on the end makes it special. :)

  5. I love it Barbara!
    We have a truck like this, it's called a Rat Rod, it takes vision to love on it and a blast to drive!

    Have a beautiful week giving glory to all of your gifts!

  6. Awesome photoshoot of the family! Did they choose what to wear or did you suggest that? Congrats on the Huffpost deal. That is truly wonderful!

  7. What a fun photo shoot. I have the same question as Gail's about their clothes. Love the truck and congrats about the photo. Let us know when, eh? :)


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