Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Trust me, it was beautiful!

My son and his new bride forbid me from bringing my camera to their wedding. 

Can you believe it? Something about "relaxing" and "enjoying the moment" and "paying big bucks to someone else"...

So I don't have any photos of my own to share of 

but you can click on that link to see a few that others posted on Facebook, and I "borrowed" to share on my Long Hollow blog.

I do, however, have photos from the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, and here they are!

(I still had fun!)

 Oh, well, congratulations to my precious son and his beautiful wife!


  1. Such beautiful, happy faces.

  2. Great...
    Congratulations !
    Best regards from France,


  3. Barbara, these are beautiful!

  4. they look like babies! :) love all their friends relaxing on the lawn, goofing around. what fun!!!

  5. such happy, happy photos of so many happy, happy people! congratulations on gaining a brand new daughter (in-law)!

  6. Most Excellent - And - beautiful - AND - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    And - i love the look of your blog.

  7. You got some terrific shots of the rehearsal party Barbara! And I bet it was actually nice to sit back, relax, and not worry about taking photos. Sometimes I like to go sit outside without my camera and just 'be'.

    xo Catherine


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