Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Walking along a dirt road in April

Just about every morning, rain or shine, I take a walk down my dirt road with my puppies. 

Unless it's raining, I have my camera and my eyes are constantly searching for something to shoot...a new flower, an interesting weed, or merely the play of light on a leaf.

When I find it - whatever "it" is - Belle and Max wait patiently while I examine the something from every angle through my lens. 
They are so good.

You can imagine how many photos I have, then, if every morning I take between two and twenty. 

During busy times, I might not even glance twice at the photos, much less edit them or post them on my blog. 

There just aren't enough minutes in the day for that.

But there are (almost) always enough minutes to take a walk on a dirt road before the day gets swept away. 

(By the way, I apologize for being AWOL from your blogs. My son's wedding is fast approaching and I've been focusing on those last to-do's for it. Thanks for popping by to see me anyway - I miss you all!)

(One more thing...my photos are a mess. How do you organize yours?)

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  1. I often take 50-200 pictures a day - right now I am recuperating from back surgery and have lots of down time to work on editing, cropping and filing.

    I file them by date on the computer - inside the original folder for the date, I make another folder and label it with the date and DONE - or date and FLOWERS DONE, date and BIRDS DONE, etc. So each date folder might have several sub folders. I make sure that I label at least one photo in each DONE folder, with the name of the subject and the place it was taken - then when I need to search for barn/field/skagit (a county near us), at least one photo will bear that label and I can get quickly to that folder.

    When I first take the photos off the camera they go immediately into the dated folder - giving me a chance to go back later and edit them.

    I enjoyed your walk to day - lovely photos.

  2. Gorgeous photos of your walk and I love the play of the light on the leaves.

    All mine go straight to iPhoto and anything that looks remotely interesting gets pulled to the desktop and placed in a separate folder.

  3. This sounds like such a wonderful way to begin each day, Barbara, and I'll just bet Belle and Max look so forward to it.

    Organization for me is an ongoing thing (trying to find the best system for me). For now, I simply use dated folders with the "keepers" in them. Unfortunately I still have hundreds from last spring and summer to decide what to do with.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  4. Such a beautiful set of photos. I always take my camera with my 70-300mm (sometimes my 105mm macro) lens attached whenever I walk our dog, too. The rare days I don't take it with me, I always come across something where I wish I had had taken it with me, and my phone just doesn't do the subject justice.

    As far as organization goes, after I throw away the ones I don't want, I go back and repeat the process till I'm left with maybe 10-30 photos (I'm like you where I can take anywhere between 30-400 photos a day, depending on where I go that day). Of those 10-30 photos, I put them a labeled folder with "home" or "flowers" or "photo adventures". May not be the best way to organize them, but it works for me for right now anyway.

    Good luck with your son's wedding--you must be so excited (and nervous)!

  5. i use iPhoto to store my photos and i have them sorted by 'topic' ... benches, trees, flowers, food, you know ...

  6. Great photos ~ love your dogs ~ ^_^

    I use iphoto and label each upload and then flag some and then have folders by categories ^_^

  7. these are wonderful. such a peaceful feeling to them - then you throw in all the stress at the end. :)

    i upload photos to my laptop into 'albums' by date. that gives me the ones i need to cull, crop and edit. when i export them out of picasa, it puts them in another folder in its directory by date so i know those are the 'finished' ones to use for blog posts, etc. once i use them or decide not to, i move them off to a separate hard drive for storage by topic (a whole directory of birds by type, fences, barns, etc.)

  8. barb, these are gorgeous photos!!!
    i adore their simplicity and candor.
    something about wild things stirs my heart grinning.
    you're such a writer....you may love organizing your photos in folders that you label with
    your creative wordsmithing. Like chapter titles to a book. You're clever that way:)
    thanks for the beauty you share,

  9. Awww.. you puppies are gorgeous as are all of your pics.

    I've set up picture folders for Year, Month and then place or event.

    So for now, I'm looking to upload my images to Photos, sub folder 2013, sub folder April, sub folder Around Home (or at Frank's) or whatever.

    Then I sift through those and delete the ones that don't make the cut (most of them). I use Photoshop to crop, downsize and do whatever I might do to them and save each one as the name I hope to later recognize them as. Then I delete the originals so that I'm left with only the photos I opted to keep, sorted by year and month.

  10. I'm a city boy, so forgive my ignorance. What is that bug?

  11. Gorgeous photos, such a wonderful way to start the day

  12. Sounds like a perfect way to begin the day. It doesn't matter if you haven't time to look at the photos at once. But, the act of looking for the shots allows you to see what you would normally just pass by.
    As for organizing photos, I've tried a number of ways. But once I began to use the organizer part of Photoshop Elements, I have been hooked.
    As soon as I put my camera card in the computer, it prompts and asks if I want to import into the PSE organizer. The photos are actually then put on to my hard drive by year/month/date. But they show up in the organizer, just the new photos in a batch. I do a quick look and delete anything that is obviously bad. Then I quickly tag them with tags. You can tag with as many tags as you want. Spring+Easter+Evelyn or Blog+vintage+jewelry, then in the future it's a simple matter of clicking on a tag, and bringing up every photo I've ever taken of Evelyn. (3578 so far, but who's counting) And if I only want to see the photos I took of her at christmas, easy, click on the two tags and narrow it down. I love using the organizer, I wish I'd been doing it all along. I still have to import some photos into it.

  13. The sunshine on your wildflowers is FANTASTIC!!! Love love love these shots.
    xo Catherine


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