Monday, May 20, 2013

On a Thursday In Austin, Texas

I spent most of Thursday in Austin, 
running errands with my daughter, 
hanging out in a genealogy library to pass the time, 
having dinner with my son, 
and then attending a magazine writing panel 
hosted by the Writer's League of Texas.

Naturally, I had my camera with me.

I hope the folks above don't care that I snapped their photos.

Like I had nothing better to do than play with this photo this week.
Which one do you like the best?

We ate at Opal Divine's. 
The food was really good...

...and so was the scenery.
I fell in love with these little faces!

This building looked really, really old. 
I hope someone salvages it.

I love living in (well, near) Austin!


  1. Super sweet puppy faces.

    I like the third one of the photos that are all the same - a nice vintage feel!

  2. Some fine photos here. I don't usually care for the desaturated, yellowed look that a lot of folks seem to go for with images but I do quite like how it gave that 70s look to the first of the three photos. I also very much like the first two black and white street scenes and I adore those sweet puppy faces. Oh my. I would be trying to scoop that baby up and sneak off with her. Look at that ear flopped over the head. SO cute!

  3. Love that shot of the Capitol. The b&w win tags shot is my personal fave of the three. Glad you had a good visit and thought to bring your camera. Austin is a great city!

  4. i love the first version of the photo - the yellowed '60s' look. :)

  5. well, i guess that should be 70's based on hilary's comment. :)

  6. Re: Tex's comment.. I'm much too young to confidently distinguish between the two. (Yeah, right!) ;)

  7. The third photo looks like an old postcard, except the cars are newer.

  8. that last photo makes me grin because here in fayetteville (arkansas) the town's slogan is, "keep fayetteville funky". ; )

    and my goodness, those puppies . . . !

  9. Love the first one Barbara -- I lived in Texas when I was young and that one is how I think of it now, if that makes any sense.

    Cute little floppy-eared gsd pup.

  10. great photos. i am such a sucker for any kind of dog!

  11. A good day full of pictures...


  12. I love your photos and of the city scape, my favorite is the 3rd. It is timeless.

  13. back from paris and catching up .... these are such wonderful photos ...


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