Thursday, May 30, 2013

You Can't See Me!

I'm sure that's what this deer was thinking.

You have to admit she's pretty hard to see. 

Here's another one that posed for me on my morning walk last week.

I couldn't believe she stood still long enough for three photos!
Normally, all I see is the flash of a white tail. 

But considering the number of deer blinds dotting these hills, 
I don't blame them for trying to be invisible, do you?


  1. Nice shots. That first one is pretty well hidden. I have to careful on my walk that I don't spook the deer here. I don't want to get kicked.

  2. i love how animals - even our cats - think they cant be seen ...

  3. She's lovely and good catch. On the flip side of Daryl's observation, how many time do we walk right past animals who absolutely can't be seen? They're mostly good at hiding well. Except for rabbits. They think they're hiding just because they're not moving.. two feet in front of you.

  4. These animals do have a wrong assumption.

    In fact, they can't see me.

  5. sweet! i never see deer here - only on a very country back road once in a blue moon!

  6. I saw a few deer in Oregon and they actually stopped and posed. My shots didn't come out, but I'll never forget it. I love seeing deer out in the wild. This sweet doe definitely knows there's a human in the vicinity. :)

  7. I can understand them wanting to be invisible and could only EVER shoot them with a camera!

  8. oh i was very lucky to see deer up close on a hike in oregon last summer. we sat in the woods and waited for them ... had two does and a fawn come up and feed themselves a couple of yards away from us. but we were told to stay still, and no cameras to be used. great memories.

  9. smiles...we have several that live in our back i see them quite often...


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