Monday, July 23, 2012

Wimberley Market Days People

I fully intended to break my Wimberley weekend into just four posts...
...until I started going through my Market Days photos. 

I wasn't joking when I said I used my camera for shopping therapy, but I didn't stop at photographing things that caught me eye...
...there were also tons of people who caught my eye!

At one booth, the shopkeeper asked if I was part of the photography class.
It seems an instructor often takes his class to Market Days for hands-on practice.
I spotted them under the pavilion.

This little beauty was leading her daddy around. 
He didn't mind if I took her photo. 
How could I resist those blue eyes?

This artist created and sold his pieces right there in his booth.

Entertainment for those of us taking a break under a pavilion.

Recycling at its best - swings and planters made from old tires. 

Fireplace mantels made of carved and polished wood. 
Tom could do this!

The weather was perfect at 7:30 am when we first arrived.
Then it got HOT! This is the line for shaved ice treats.

Don Blevins, author of numerous nonfiction books about Texas. I would love to sit and talk to him for a few hours.

I loved this woman's hat!

The $1 per item rack. My friend Cheryl found tons of great pieces in there!

She also spotted this new friend high on a shelf in another shop. 
It was exactly the right price.

Stay tuned for Words of Inspiration at the Market, coming soon!


  1. characters abound, i'm sure. :) that little girl is precious!

  2. Oh my....those blue eyes! Just L.O.V.E. that portrait!!

  3. What a gorgeous photo of that child! Oh my gosh, those eyes!!!

  4. The photo of the blue-eyed child is jaw-dropping! Wow!!!

  5. not only was a good time had, little money was spend and you got some fabulous fotos!


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