Thursday, February 9, 2012

Whispers of Spring

Imagine me right in between Max and Belle up there, running alongside them.

That's how I feel these days... rush, rush rush, with deadlines and ever-growing to-do lists chasing me.

I've had to neglect my blog-reading (and of course, house-cleaning), but I'm still taking time for my morning walk with the puppies and my camera, 
so thought I'd share a few random shots from the past few weeks.

I snapped the one above 
because it represents two seasons crossing paths in what should be a third... winter.

See the autumn leaves?

Now, zoom in and see the hint of buds on the nearby branch. 

Everything is confused by this balmy weather!

Belle gazes at me like this quite often, standing completely still, 
sometimes tilting her head, trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing.

Notice her new pink collar?

Robins have taken over the neighborhood for the second time in  just a few months.

It's funny because I don't remember ever seeing any around here before, although we had them every spring in my Houston-area neighborhood when I was growing up.

At least I think these are robins! 
They have a touch of yellow under their wings you can't see in this photo - I'll post more later. 
They're very unafraid of the camera!

Don't these leaves look like they're dancing?

I love walking on foggy mornings, when the mist gently veils the hills.

I'm not sure what this is that grows on branches... moss? 
Whatever it is, I love it and have taken zillions of photos of it.
I'll spare you by just posting one.

Green things are popping up out of the ground. 

My favorite old tree can finally see its reflection again, thanks to the recent rains we've had.

A close-up of our flagstone path that leads to our front porch. 
Tom built it himself, (hernia #3, I believe) and even transplanted this green moss (lichen?) between the stones.  

Those tiny golden cones scattered about were washed from the juniper trees and can no longer wreak havoc with my allergies, hallelujah!

Hope you enjoyed these bits of morning walk randomness!


  1. i did! certainly enjoyed that old tree and its reflection! and belle is a gorgeous pup! i love the happy butts running along the path!

    hope you can take a deep breath, grab a glass of wine, and just take a moment for yourself tonight...

  2. What lovely shots - you're so lucky with spring around the corner.

    I just woke up to about - 19 C today, just as I thought it was getting milder...

  3. It has been a very odd winter. We've had cherry trees blossoming in December and now the red bud trees are in full glory. Spring might be a real disappointment.

  4. You have a beautiful view! And your furry friends are as cute as can be! Haven't visited you (or anyone else) for awhile...glad to be back! Thanks for the walk!

  5. I would like to be in the sunshine with those pups! It got cold here this morning. What? It's winter? I was hoping it passed us by. No such luck. :(

    Love Belle's new pink collar!
    xo Catherine

  6. Beautiful shots, Barbara. I love your dancing oak leaves and that certainly looks like a robin to me. They've been hanging around here much of the winter, too.


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