Monday, February 20, 2012

Once upon a time there was a lake...

After months of blue skies and drought here in the Texas Hill Country,
we've finally had rain... and rain... and rain.

Our small pond has filled up, spilling over into the creek below our house. 

The larger ponds... ours and those upstream... are no longer grassy fields, 
but reflective pools for the surrounding trees. 

But the photos below were taken within the past few weeks, 
even after inches and inches of rainfall.
They're of branches of Lake Travis... well, of what used to be branches of Lake Travis.

It's just a matter of time now... I hope it's just a matter of time... 
before the water makes its way to these grassy fields and rocky slopes, as well.
How much more rain will it take?


  1. i SO hope it keeps coming! we got 3 inches this weekend (hurray!) and got some more good run-off into the pond, but still could use so much more to actually fill. i know the boaters and lake recreation folks would surely like this year to be 'normal' again!

  2. I've been shocked by some of the pictures I've seen... much like these. It's hardly recognizable.

  3. That is shocking! You were in a terrible drought. I hope you continue to get rain to keep your lakes and streams healthy.
    I am wondering how your photo business is doing. :o)


  4. It seems like it could never reach those docks again, but we have a lake near us that has shown a very similar plight in the past and then all of the sudden after a good rainy season the docks were afloat again. Those poor dock owners, but they probably knew the situation when they bought(and the sales price reflected it).

  5. Oh wow, the owners have to be so discouraged. We have seen this around our area but the lower lake levels were temporary. Thank you for sharing Barbara.

  6. Goodness, the land still looks rather parched, doesn't it? I am so glad these rains have finally arrived, one beautiful thing about mother nature is her ability to rebirth - it'll be interesting to view these same photo's along-side fresh ones of this scene, in a few months time..?

  7. I am so glad the rain came for you Barbara. If I'm not mistaken, Texas has been in a drought situation for almost a year now(?). Things really do look pretty dry, and I hope the rain helped at least a little bit.

  8. amazing, has this happened in the past?


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