Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lessons from the Second Shoot

The day of my second shoot
it was cold
there were near-hurricane force winds blowing
(that's an exaggeration, but during a photo shoot, wind is not your friend)
so the plan of shooting in a nearby park was scrapped.

I learned to be flexible.

We shot between two tall houses that (nearly) blocked the wind.

We shot inside, too.

I don't have the right lighting equipment for inside shots
so I had them stand near a window.

My client had this beautiful red wall and yellow couch
and great ideas on how to stage the shots.

I learned (too late, obviously) that they shouldn't stand close to the wall.
This would be so good except for that shadow.

You can't beat that smile, though, can you?
Again, I was blessed with wonderful photogenic client/models
who had great smiles and ideas.

I just listened and clicked.

Capturing this many sets of eyes open in one shot felt amazing!

...and I kept an eye on this one during the breaks... 
It paid off!

The outside shots are still my favorites...

The biggest lesson I learned?
To relax and have fun, no matter what.


  1. You did well in a pinch! Great learning experience. The baby in the mirror shot was my favorite! :)

  2. Lovely shots and good post-processing. Love the last one and the baby on the sofa with his parents. (Or her parent?)

  3. Great the sofa and the little one with her arms open wide! Great capture!

  4. Great shots! Love that baby on the couch with the expression 'so what"!

  5. Great work, Barbara!All the photos are wonderful. As soon as word spreads around, you won't have time to breath!!!

  6. Really good job cousin.I especially like the B&W shots.Amazing capture on the girl jumping.

  7. you had your work cut out for you....winds, large family, shooting indoors {my least favorite thing to do} but you did it girlfriend !!

    i love the first one....the fence {for texture} and being outdoors....perfect !


  8. What a beautiful family and great pics! And that sweet baby-- Be still my heart. She's a little doll.

    Merry Christmas,

  9. Love this photo shoot!
    The outdoor, b/w are my favorites...however...the baby in the mirror is exceptional.
    You get better with each session.
    Congratulations...I think you have found your calling.


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