Friday, November 4, 2011

The Trouble with Teenagers

Look at me when I'm talking to you! 

Where do you think you're going? Turn around this instant! We're not through discussing this!

I am SO outa here!

Perhaps it's due to the dropped temperatures or the frost on my car this morning, but I find myself drawn to the photos from my trip to the coast a month ago.

They're still mostly untouched, barely looked at, stashed in a file on my computer.

I've decided to save them for cold mornings like this, when I can step into them and imagine the sun warming my skin.
Aaahhh.... that's better.

This dramatic seagull scene caught my eye - so many stories popped into my head! 

...First I imagined an argument between a husband and wife.
...Then it became a group of seagull bullies taunting and ostracizing another. Poor thing!
...That made me sad, so I quickly thought of this teenage story. 
(Now that I don't have any, I can see the humor in it!)

If it triggers any dialogue or stories with you, please share!


  1. LOL! Have a great weekend :)

  2. totally enjoyed the teenage scenario! :)

  3. I swear I could hear a door slam. ;)

  4. You need to get the rest of those pictures out. These are lovely, Barbara!

  5. Yup, looks like a teenage "thing" to me!!!
    Thank you for the smiles Barbara, and these are great photos!

  6. It is getting cold here too. I am soon going to have to rely on looking at my summer photos to warm me too!

    These are cute photos. Perhaps the little seagull ate the last crab on the beach and everyone is mad at him. ;)

    Hope you are having a happy weekend Barbara!
    xo Catherine

  7. Oh, this sooo made me laugh, and yes, touched a raw nerve, too! If it's all the same, I'd rather not share, suffice to say, my man-child Sweet Sam, is going though his own version of the teenage phase right now, and it ain't pretty..!

  8. Barbara, just stopping back for another look, and to say thank you so much for sharing these at The Creative Exchange.
    Have a great start to your week!

  9. Great images Barbara! Wonder if you were down on your belly for these shots :) You've definitely caught the "dispute" very well. Sometimes it'd be fun to really hear or understand what they're really saying!
    Have a lovely week
    - and thanks so much for sweet lovely comment.
    xo Joan

  10. I think that conversation says it all..great shots!

  11. Just catching up from being away .. I love doing the same ... creating stories that I imagine happening with the critters! I think the teenage one is great!

  12. lol! don't i know this feeling! lol i love this.

  13. LOL - what a great series of photos!


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