Thursday, November 17, 2011

Butterflies and Sycamore Trees ... a Walk by the River

our friends took us to one of their favorite spots, 
a path along a river that runs a short distance from their home near Houston. 

They were disappointed because the river was up from recent rains, 
preventing us from following their normal route.

I wasn't disappointed at all. 
Take my hand and I'll show you what my drought-weary butterfly-and-wildflower-starved eyes beheld...

Watch out for poison ivy!

This butterfly kept posing... I kept snapping.


It came in November, but I finally got my Spring!


  1. i know exactly how you're feeling! soak it in! these are wonderful! :)

  2. Oh, Barbara! You got some beautiful shots. It's so strange how some are complaining of too much rain and we have too little. The weather patterns are a little out of kilter everywhere it seems. Enjoyed the photo tour!

  3. Until I ready your last line, I had my comment all ready to type as I scrolled down through your beautiful images. I was going to say that it's like having spring and autumn at the same time. Then you pretty much said it for me. Great shots, one and all.

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  5. Barbara I really love your photos. I can see we both have an appreciation of delicate nature images. They are so sweet.
    P.S. Thank you so much for your lovely comment about the cards.

  6. Barbara, this is a wonderful series of photographs!
    I especially love the first one. Pure perfection!

    Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!

  7. Hurray for luscious lovely spring in autumn! All your shots are fabulous!

  8. I wish I had your skill and talent with a camera. My photos are only as good as photoshop can make them.

  9. Lovely photographs, Barbara! I agree with you. It seems we are having a November Spring this year. I have a few spring blooms around my yard! Maybe the crepe myrtles will bloom in December!?!

  10. amazing shoots..lovely to see the butterflies" ..enjoy your weekend,

  11. So many beautiful photos. I love the butterfly. So peaceful!

    xo Catherine

  12. The butterfly is amazing! What a ham!
    Lucky you.
    Thanks for sharing!


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