Monday, November 28, 2011

Stumbling Down a New Path

A black and white Instamatic started it back when I was 8 years old...
with the first click, I was hooked on photography.

But never did I imagine I would - or could - make money from it.
It just proves that even when you hit your 50's new doors may open that you weren't expecting. 

(Take it from me... do not be afraid to step through them.)

Two photo shoots are behind me now. 
I hope there are more, but even if there aren't, 
I'm grateful for the experience and the chance to learn more about photography and myself.

Here are a few photos from my first shoot (taken at Flat Creek Estate) plus some lessons learned along the way...

My computer is even slower than I thought it was.

I don't have a lot of patience. (See #1)

I like Lightroom more than Photoshop Elements, but I see the need for both.

I take too many photos.

That wouldn't be an issue, if I didn't have decision-making problems.

My inability to stop editing isn't limited to my writing.

Photographer/blogger friends are lifesavers!

Listen to your clients - they have great ideas!

Hearing your clients say they love the images is a wonderful (relieved!) feeling.

Having great model/clients is a huge blessing!

I love playing with photos!

My second shoot was supposed to be outside in a park, but the gale force winds nixed that option and although we managed a few outside in a sheltered area between houses, most of them needed to be taken indoors, stretching the ability of my equipment.

But despite the challenges, most of them turned out really good, with a dozen sets of eyes all open and a dozen mouths smiling, all in relatively good lighting. 

From that shoot I learned there's still so much I need to learn. 
(And that luck has a lot to do with it!) 


  1. These are terrific Barbara! I just upgraded my Photoshop Elements (10) and I got a free 30 Day-Trail for Adobe Lightroom3 with it. I used Lightroom a few years back (free demo) and really liked it. I'm looking forward to trying it again.

    I think your black and white photos are fantastic. Of course, I'm partial to the b & w ones usually.

    I am doing family photos this weekend for friends. You are an inspiration!

    xo Catherine

  2. That would be 'trial' not 'trail'...head cold...haha!

  3. These are so fabulous! So you bought Lightroom as well! I'd love to hear about the differences. A big Hi-5 to ya!

  4. these are great!!! so excited for you!!!

    what a great model you have there! and my favorite shot is the one where they're standing far apart. the energy between them is phenomenal!!! GREAT JOB!!!!

  5. These are wonderful Barbara!
    I absolutely love the sixth one here.
    It is really just perfect.
    They are a really cute couple!

  6. You did a phenomenal job on these! The couple is very attractive and you showcased them well. LOVE the b&w edits. I would love to do something like this someday, but fear grips me. I'm so proud of you and happy!!!!! You never know where this may lead...

  7. You did a fabulous job, and your clients are so cute too! I've shied away from portrait photography because I think it takes a skill set I don't have and I'm not ready to spend the time learning it.
    Congrats to you for going down a new path!

  8. How fun and they have turned out great!

  9. Barbara, I am so thrilled for you and proud that I know someone who left their fears behind and took this leap. These shots are fantastic. I really like the couple shots, especially the ones with "him" leaning on the tree in the background. Congrats on a great shot and I can't wait to see some samples from your second one!

  10. You've captured some wonderful shots here, Barbara, ones to be proud of - well done, you (yes, you can exhale now)! I'd certainly love to see more of your work, and I'm betting there is going to be plenty to come, once word gets out of your talents.

  11. You did a FANTASTIC job!!!!
    I can see such an artist's eye!
    You really had them relaxed, too
    ....their spirits are shining through.
    Well done....this new venture looks
    awesome on you:)
    Cheering you on,

  12. How exciting - this photo shoot turned out really well. Congrats!

  13. i'm so proud of you and holy cow, what a beautiful couple you got to shoot....i'm so jealous !!

    ps...i knew you could do this along....the whole portrait thing....i just knew you had it in you !

  14. so happy for you... and i love these captures. totally got a crush on her hair btw!

  15. Congratulations on your first "offical" shoot. The images are lovely! My favorite are the b & w...there is just something specail about the feel of them.
    I have never done an official photo shoot. Too chicken...
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I am inspired!


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