Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Perfect Remedy: a weekend away

When life becomes a blur of to-do lists and computer screens,
it's time to hit the road and give your eyes, brain and spirit a break.

That's what we did last weekend, by visiting some dear friends
and just relaxing...

I wrote about it HERE, but thought I'd share a few of my favorite scenes here as well.

Wouldn't you love to sit here and listen to the wind in the tall pines?

My friend Shari has a knack for combining unrelated pieces into sweetness.

They're dog lovers, too. This is April, a rescue puppy...
(Her full name is April Ellie-Mae Rudabaker Studabaker. I call her April.)

...and little diabetic Tucker. 
I'm pretty sure it's just "Tucker".

Both are fierce guard dogs, but sweeties once they realize you're a friend.

Little old Nala guards the front porch. 
She only has one eye, but isn't she gorgeous? I enjoyed "talking cat" with her.

This beautiful angel keeps watch in the front yard.

I dreamed of having a front porch similar to this, but it just didn't work out on the home we built. How gracious of our friends to build one, don't you think? 
That's just the kind of wonderful hosts they are!

I'll post scenes from our walk along a nearby river and an eclectic small town main road later... right now I'm off to continue trying to learn Lightroom and Photoshop Elements. 
(I'm loving Lightroom!)

Hope you're having a wonderful week!


  1. i'd definitely have a sit on their porch with their one-eyed kitty in my lap! :)

  2. What a beautiful place with even more beautiful creatures.

  3. This looks like the perfect place to relax, and I am so glad you were able to do so. Your photographs re wonderful, especially the first one. Perfect place to just sit awhile.

  4. What a delightful place!! Lucky you. Glad you got some R&R. Those dogs are beautiful! And the cat, even though I'm not a cat person...

    These photos have some really amazing light. :)

  5. What a lovely little piece of Heaven Barbara! How wonderful it would be to sit and relax in such a beautiful little spot. And little Nala is adorable!! She looks like she would be a very good listener, someone to tell your troubles to. Cute!

    xo Catherine

  6. Tucker looks a lot like our little Toby who was diabetic also. Is Tucker a rat terrier? I love that front porch! I would be very much at home there.


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