Monday, October 3, 2011

Last, but not least... the Pigeon! (Georgetown Flashback #5)

I'm just returned and not quite recovered from a weekend at the coast with 15 other women and haven't yet had a chance to sort through the zillions of seagull and pelican and sunrise photos I snapped. 

In the meantime, I remembered these shots of a Georgetown pigeon I met while looking up at the glorious buildings.

He couldn't quite figure me out...

"Aren't you through snapping?"

(I know what he was thinking because I see that look on Tom's face all the time!)


  1. Cute! I know they're a nuisance, but I love pigeons. Glad you had fun and can't wait to read more about your adventures!

  2. Lovely sequence of photographs. It's amazing how much we read into birds and animals expressions x

  3. Strange as it may be, there is just something about these little guys that I absolutely love! I think these photographs are wonderful.

  4. these are great. he looks all puffy :)

  5. That little pigeon looks like he is sitting comfy cozy on his perch! Photo session aside... ;)

    xo Catherine

  6. Ahh too funny. At least he knew you weren't a statue. ;)


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