Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why I love road trips in springtime...

Red and blue, playing nicely together.

Indian Paintbrush 
are beautiful by themselves...

but together 
they truly bring out each other's beauty, don't they?

These were some of the lost files my friend Bruce recovered for me.

Thanks again, Bruce!

And this is where I stopped to snap these on my way back from Houston a couple of weeks ago. 

Doesn't it look like someone passed by with a leaking bucket of blue paint?

And that's why I love road trips in springtime. 

The end.


  1. ours are going to really pop this weekend if it warms back up. they're all coming out but not fully bright yet. :)

  2. Oh My! I think someone did spill a few paint buckets all over these! Gorgeous! I'm sure you were relieved to get these images back!

  3. Really beautiful images. We don't quite have a blanket of flowers around here yet, but I have a few early bloomers.

  4. i wish we had bluebonnets up north here

  5. That is one thing I miss about Texas; paintbrush and bluebonnets! These were meant to be recovered from your files, Barbara. They are just bursting with color. Beautiful!

  6. how i wish we had bluebonnets up here in arkansas. so, so pretty!

  7. We don't have those beauties up here. I'm sure glad that Bruce recovered those images for you.. so lovely.

  8. Barbara, I simply adore your photography. So so beautiful.

  9. I love road tips in the spring time too!
    These are beautiful photographs, Barbara.
    Have a wonderful Monday!


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